Doodle God 3 Game

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Doodle god 3 is a game that is played by a single player. It was developed and established by single player puzzle ltd. Even though the game was first introduced only for iPhone or iPod Touch, it earned its popularity and many people became aware of it. It became available on many platforms which include; Windows, Adobe flash, Android and Samsung Bada.

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The most important aim of the game is to make the player find out combinations to discover new elements and after all, creating all that the universe is in need of.

Doodle god third version is a game that constitutes of four elements which are; air, water, earth and fire. A single chapter constitutes of 196 elements. Some elements have been removed. Generally, the game is about making the 196 elements within 21 groups.

There are two forms of elements which are employed and they are; physical elements and metaphorical elements. So as to make combinations, the player is supposed to start with the unlocked elements at each episode. So as to reach the 196 elements within 21 groups, the player has to make different combinations.

However, the modern age starts with discovering religion through using human and commandments. The popular game starts with the first episode which is the beginning and all the four elements are unblocked in this level of the game. The second episode unblocks an element which is referred to as void which involves technology at a high rate.

As stated before, the game is available in different platforms and due to this; it is popular and well known all over the world. There are usually a lot of tips on winning the game. So as to make the game easier, not only is there need for the player to get started in the earlier versions but also play it keenly. When the game is played in a good way, the player takes up as the levels go.

Doodle god 3 needs much concentration and brain work so as to be able to try the combinations. Even when a player fails with some combinations which may appear hard to him or her, the player should try them using any new element that is found.

The game is also full of fun when understood. The gaming environment is usually conducive and excellent. The player is always in excitement when seeing the universe in his or her own creation. The game is always challenging when creating new elements with new combinations.