Doodle God

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Doodle God Game

Doodle God 4 is the newest installment in Joybits’ highly praised Doodle God puzzle – creativity game series. As soon as the player downloads the game he is met with the familiar enviroment of “Creation”.
For those that are not familiar with the particular game series, Doodle God 4 is a game that lays the heavy burden of creating the world on the player’s shoulders.
The game’s prologue however short is really well made. In the introductory cinematic an old, white bearded, angel winged God appears while a soothing relaxing music plays. Wanting to create the world as we know it he brings the classic four elements with him: those are earth, water, fire and air. In a quite biblical way he creates land from earth, oceans from water, volcanoes from fire and the surrounding atmosphere from air. He is then called to utilize the four basic elements to further and fullfil creation. The game’s prologue however short is really well made and leaves a positive first impression.

Doodle God 3

Right after the prelude is where the player comes in, getting in God’s shoes trying to figure out how to use the elements. There is a simple tutorial here but the process is quite simple even without it. All the four initial elements can be combined with each other opening the first element groups. For example combining Earth with Air produces Dust which is a new element added in the Air group. After creating the first element a counter of 1 appears with the final goal being 196 which is the total of discoverable elements.
Very soon in this trial and error process a new group appears: mixing up Air with Fire creates Energy which unlocks a new team of elements. Now this combination can be as literal as discovering the Swamp by combing Earth and Water but it can also be metaphorical like creating a ghost from Ashes and Life. A ghost indeed. The game maintains a certain pleasant light-heartedness that almost all of it’s predecessors share.
Now the first elements are not very hard to figure out egg Stone plus Fire equals Lava or Air plus Energy equals Storm and even as it progresses to create Sand from Water and Stone and then Glass from Sand and Fire. The creation process is endless and it’s always possible that a fifth or sixth productory element can still produce an interesting result being combined with a basic element :
Tree+Fire = Coal.

Doodle God Game

It is however easy to hit a wall even at the beginning but thankfully there is a small lightbulb at the lower center of the screen that suggests the next discovery. This little help has a small half a minute cooldown but can actually fuel the imagination by showing what
the next goal is. Not every combination is logical and even natural combination cannot be used in game but that is also part of the fun. Combining an element with itself doesn’t come to mind but eventually attempting it can give interesting results like Grass+Grass= Seeds or Human+Human.
The 196/196 does not come off fast or easy but is definately worth it and offers a sense of satisfaction as well a reward which is better kept a surprise. All in all Doodle God 3 game lives up to it’s name as a game where the player plays God letting his imagination and creativity getting the better of him, discovering and trying , eventually leading to the best kind of fun.